About us

Our philosophy

And driving force.

Our moonshot with Dronerotech is to have the largest amount of golf courses adopt a whole new philosophy of water management and optimal use of pesticides when treating turf issues on its greens, fairways, tee boxes and roughs to become a lot more eco-friendly.

In this day and age, we need to appeal to the common sense of the world we live in right now. and treat water as a scarce resource. It is important to reach maximum water efficiency usage and manage this by harnessing the power of drones by creating digital surface, 3D and terrain models, to be able to create this new image of what a golf course is all about: Eco-friendly, well-managed, highly efficient, low energy consumption and low carbon emissions.

This entails, all factors that are necessary to improve the operation of golf courses for them to be considered sustainable in environmental terms. Pumps should be powered by solar panels as well as the drainage systems and irrigation systems can all be solar powered, getting to a fully sustainable and eventually semi-autonomous golf course management system, where greenkeepers and superintends will work in harmony with the technology that makes this all possible.

All in all, there is already a trend where golf courses are taking environmental issues more seriously, both from and economic standpoint, attempts to attract new markets, new clients, or to promote its connection to the wider habitat, which is a positive sign and an ongoing one we will further promote in the years to come.